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Dreams Manifesting: Snippets of My Writing Journey

It was exactly ten years ago when the desire to write was ignited inside of me. I remember the moment like it was yesterday.  I was taking an undergraduate creative writing class.  We wrote memoirs, plays, and sonnets.  This type of writing I enjoyed because the stories came from within me, and they were a part of me.  I didn't realize I had stories until that class.  It was like a lid was taken off all of the thoughts I held within me.  I felt free to share the words on paper that I dared not speak because of the fear of being misunderstood.

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G is for Grace

 Grace has taken over.  It has caused me to stop and think about what it really means.  I didn't intentionally seek to learn more about grace, but here recently it comes up in many conversations.  It is hard to have a conversation about something that you haven't taken the time to learn about for yourself.  I have taken the challenge to learn more about the grace which is freely given.

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