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Homeschooling is a lifestyle.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed, confused, or unsure about your next steps if you choose to allow it to be an ordinary part of your life.

Joy in the Ordinary focuses on embracing our lives as they are, supporting our children while pursuing our passions, and managing our resources—time especially—as we pursue this wonderful journey.

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Homeschooling wasn't in our original plans, but the lifestyle fits us well.

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In 2019, we started a community on Patreon to help grow Joy in the Ordinary into a place that offers REAL community and support to moms who have chosen a career in homeschooling.

Our community has virtual and real-life meetups to ensure that moms aren’t walking the homeschool road alone.

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Latonya not only homeschools her daughters and support other moms on their homeschool journey, but she also pursues her love of teaching by offering live math and art classes online to elementary and middle school learners via Outschool.