I Wish I Would've Said Something to the Lady at Target

This weekend the family and I joined many of the folks in our area to take advantage of the Back-to-School Tax Free days.  It was actually our first time ever joining the masses. 

We visited a few stores including Target which is where I witnessed something that truly made me stop and think about the society in which we live.  I was on a hunt for masking tape.  It was one of the few supplies left on "must have" list for this upcoming school year.  As I entered the aisle with my daughter, I noticed a lady "looking" at printer paper.  She proceeded to open the package of paper.  My first thought was that maybe she was checking the thickness of the paper.  I know that I am not a fan of super thin printer paper so I assumed that we were kindred in this matter.  Well, this was not the case.  She actually was removing a piece of paper for her use while leaving the open package behind for an unknowing customer to purchase 499 sheets versus 500 or for Target to write it off.  I looked at her, but she turned away I assume knowing that her behavior was wrong.

I didn't say anything to her, but I am sure my eyes did.  I found the masking tape, but I couldn't help but to continue thinking about the scene that I witnessed.  She didn't steal a diamond or even an entire notebook, but the truth of the matter she did indeed steal.  This was not an innocent mistake, but instead intentional.

The way many of us behave in America saddens me.  We have this entitlement thing going on where we see little wrongs as not so big deals. We don't think our mistakes have an impact on anyone else. We ignore these little wrongs until our society is destroyed even the more.  So often I hear adults talking about the way children behave, but if we are honest with ourselves we must admit that the behavior that they display is the behavior that they have seen from adults.

My youngest daughter stood in the aisle with me, and she didn't recognize anything wrong until I shared what happened with her sister.  My oldest daughter promptly, "that's shoplifting."   I wish I would've said something to the woman in Target because my daughter was watching.  I wish I would have said something because her behavior will effect others whether it's the customer who is missing a sheet of paper or Target's bottom line.  A small effect is still an effect.  I wish I would've said something because there are groups of people who can't dare get away with making a bad choice without their entire lives being changed.  I wish I would've said something because we are to help one another be better.