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Three Tips to Manage Transitions in Your Life

Nearly each quarter of the year, I experience transitioning due to my teaching schedule, homeschooling, personal goals--or should I just say life. 

By now, I should be used to these shifts since I've experienced transitioning in more than one way throughout my life. I've gone  from living with various family members as a child to living on my own as a young adult. 

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Simply Grateful

As I was sitting and thinking about the year, I figured I should write about it because who knows when I will need to look back and remember just how faithful the Father is to us.  I don't know about you, but every now and then I must remind myself of the daily miracles in my life. With all the distractions, it is REALLY easy to take those simple daily miracles and blessings for granted.

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Reflections From a Sick Mama

Yep, I am sick again. This is the fourth time in the past four months that I have been really under the weather.  This is my third bout with Strep. Before you ask, I do not know why I keep getting Strep. I change my toothbrush, linens, and disinfect. No one in my family has caught it. Each time it presents itself on a Monday evening making the week change its course before it even gets started.

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