Riding the Waves of Friendship

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It wasn't until I was well into my 20s did I begin to find my friend tribe.  It was a struggle for me to relax into these new relationships because of the lack connection in my earlier years of life.  You know what they say about your childhood having an effect on the rest of your life is true.  It took lots of work for me to begin to make healthy, intentional connections, and now over a decade later I still have yet to master the beautiful gift of friendship. I've come to assume that I am not the only one that has had a few friendship woes.  Since I know this is an area of weakness for me, I am happy to have the opportunity to work through Lisa-Jo Baker's new study, We Saved You A Seat: Finding and Keeping Lasting Friendships.

We Saved You A Seat Bible Study

We Saved You A Seat is a seven session Bible study that discusses friendship from a biblical viewpoint. I was so excited about receiving this Bible study that I started it right away, but I do believe it is a great Bible study to work through with new or old friends.  The Bible study includes video sessions and a workbook.  Unlike other Bible studies I have worked through, has three assignments each week which is a blessing because I am less likely to feel as if I have gotten behind. The lessons are filled with Scripture although Lisa-Jo does share snippets of real life experiences with friendships.  I appreciate the numerous opportunities within the daily assignments to write out Scripture. The Bible Study Kit designed for We Saved You a Seat has many tools to help me make the study my own.  The kit includes highlighters, Scripture cards, sticky tabs, stickers, and a cute pouch.  Writing out the Scripture and making my own notes help me to cement the Word into my mind. This is important when aligning my heart to His as it relates to how to treat and interact with people. At the end of the each session or week, there is a friendship challenge. If you struggle with making intentional connections, the friendship challenges really help you to get out of your comfort zone. 
We Saved You A Seat Bible Study by Lisa-Jo Baker

 My Friendship Story

As I stated before I didn't have healthy connections growing up, and this caused me to unhealthily attach to people.  I put to much pressure on others. I put pressure on myself.  I struggled with trying to save my friends from their mistakes versus allowing Him to do His work.  When I wasn't unhealthily attaching myself, I was choosing friends that simply weren't good for me.  I allowed their perspectives to seep into my viewpoint. I began to question myself more often instead of embracing my life. It was a rough time.  As I have continued to grow with help, I have let go of unhealthy relationships. I have learned to trust my instincts, and it has given me the freedom to be myself and allow others to be themselves. This change has allowed space in my life to be a friend no matter how long to whoever who needs a friend at that moment.  It has also helped me to be a better teacher about friendship to my daughters. 

Not sure what to talk about with your friends?  Consider this Conversation Starters Jar from (in)courage and DaySpring. 

Not sure what to talk about with your friends?  Consider this Conversation Starters Jar from (in)courage and DaySpring. 

The Beauty of Friendship

We Saved You A Seat reminds us that friendship is messy.  Friendship takes forgiveness.  Friendship is worth fighting for.  It is through our conversations and time with others that we not only learn about how to be a good friend, but we also learn more about ourselves. No matter where you are on the friendship spectrum whether you've mastered being a good friend or you still struggle with loving more and saving less,  there's always room to grow in our connections with others.  We Saved You A Seat helps us to see that even when our friendships get hard, and we would rather be alone that He designed us for community.  He designed us to sit with each other through the moments of sorrow and rejoicing. 

Do you struggle with friendships?  What is a good friend to you?