A Week in My Life: Strep Throat as an Adult

This week has been a memorable one for me.  I've had some good things happen, but they were all clouded by my bout with Strep Throat.  Guys, Strep is no joke as an adult. My husband shared with me today that some people have lost limbs because of the infection.  I've experienced Strep a few times in my life, but it's been nearly 15 years since I've dealt with the infection. I don't remember feeling horrible for so long. I don't feel 100%, but I am on the mend.

A week in the life:  Strep throat as an adult

Timeline:  My Week with Strep

Day One:  I went through my day as usual.  No sick feeling, but as the day went on I became extremely tired.  Since this was the day we went to community art class at our church, I asked my co-volunteer to pray for me because I felt so tired and didn't have a reason for this feeling.

Day Two:  I woke up at my normal time, but immediately I felt different. My throat and head were hurting.  I assumed that it was probably allergies because a headache and throat ache from drainage is normal when there is weather change.  Once I got up and started moving around, I knew that it wasn't allergies.  My daughters went into nurse mode, and I wrote a short list on the white board for their lessons for the day.  I managed to print out a few activities for them then I found myself in my room.  I took an aspirin and drank a Mountain Dew (for the caffeine) to get rid of the headache.  The remedy worked, but around 3 pm I took a turn.  My temperature rose, and I found myself with a fever.  The pain in my throat became extremely worse.  It felt like a pain that I can't accurately describe because it made no sense just how painful it was, and my neck was swollen so swollen that I couldn't feel the bones in it.  I started having body pain, chills, and it was really hard for me to walk from my bed to the bathroom. To say the least,  I felt horrible. By the time my husband came home, I was in tears and my youngest was telling me to just go to the doctor.  I didn't go to the doctor because the afterhours clinic was closed, and I don't believe in ER visits for non-emergencies. So, I got my husband to buy be some ice cream to help cool my throat down and took some Nyquil (which probably wasn't the correct medicine, but it worked).

Day 3:  I woke with a knowing that I had Strep.  I couldn't see the back of my throat so there was no way I could spot the white patches associated with Strep so I got up, showered, and made my way to the afterhours clinic since they opened 8 am.  I wanted to be the first person there, and I was.  I got checked in, and prepared for the test I dreaded.  If you have never been tested for Strep, I will say that you are lucky.  It is the one medical test that has stuck with me since childhood so that says a lot.  The nurse uses a long swab to swipe the back of your throat to get a culture for the test.  It is so annoying, and if you have a sore throat it is even more annoying.  Before she took the swab, she told me that saw the white patches.  She said they were near my tonsils which I had to tell her didn't exist since I had them removed over 20 years ago.  That's just how swollen my throat was at the time.  Anyway,  I also had to take the flu test which sucked because they swab the inside of your nose.  Another uncomfortable test.  I am glad that the flu came back negative.  After I got my meds, I came back home to my two wonderful nurses.  They took care of me by making sure I was fed, hydrated, and medicated. They also did their lessons for the day.

It's strep. 😞 #embrace365 #joyintheordinary

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Day 4:  I felt a little better.  Not totally, but enough to do a few things.  I was able to post a blog post ( you can read it: The 5 Ws for Homeschool Conventions) that I had written in between naps on day 3, and I was able to drive the girls to a field trip I had planned for our homeschool group months ago (I am the coordinator).  I know some would say I should've cancelled, but it was so last minute that I decided I would take them and stay in the car (I didn't want to risk sharing my germs with others so I knew I would have to stay at a distance). The doctor gave me the okay as long as I was fever free.  I was fever free for at least 36 hours and I had three rounds of my meds. I sat in the car while they enjoyed the field trip with the rest of the group.  It wasn't too long and the weather was nice so sitting in the car wasn't awful. I didn't force myself to do anything productive either while I sat in the car.  So, I semi-rested.  After we left, the field trip I grabbed us some fast food, and we came home.  I rested in bed until it was time for my daughter's dance class.  I drove her halfway there, and my husband met us and took her the rest of the way once he got off.  Since I was feeling a little better, I was able to direct my youngest daughter in cooking dinner.  She made spinach and potato soup which turned out really good. 

Day 5:  Today is day 5.  My throat feels much better.  My voice no longer trails off, and I don't look as tired.  I am still tired though.  When I woke this morning, I went to buy a few groceries so my girls would have breakfast and lunch.  They cooked us pancakes and sausage this morning.  After I took my morning meds, I came back to bed because the medicine makes my stomach hurt.  It is a side effect.  Basically, I try to do what I can first thing in the morning because I really only have a good two hours or so that I can move around without feeling worn out and queasy.  I just woke up from a nap and decided I would write this post.  It's a reminder of sorts for me.  On Day 2,  I really felt horrible.  My mind was all over the place when I became feverish, and now on day 5 I have my bearings back even if I am not 100%.  It's nice to feel almost back to normal.

The Takeaway

So, how can this post help you.  Maybe it'll remind you that sometimes adults have to take a sick week and not just a day. If you feel sick, take care of yourself.  Go to the doctor if needed and don't simply brush it under the rug.  Listen to your body. It's not as easy to bounce back from these illnesses even when you're a healthy adult.  Maybe it'll help you see that our kids can be there for us just like we are there for them. My daughters had no problem cleaning the kitchen each day, doing their laundry (this is something they do all the time now), or making sure I was fed and warm or cool depending on my temperature. Or maybe you'll realize that whatever projects that have been slowed down can still happen even if they happen a bit later or take a bit longer than expected.  When I realized that I was really sick, I had to realize that some stuff I had planned would have to wait until next week and maybe next month because I am only one person.  I had to cancel meeting a friend, and I won't be able to attend a wedding that I had planned on going to tomorrow because even though I am not contagious anymore, I still don't feel well.  My health is more important than my to do list.

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