Reflections From a Sick Mama

Yep, I am sick again. This is the fourth time in the past four months that I have been really under the weather.  This is my third bout with Strep. Before you ask, I do not know why I keep getting Strep. I change my toothbrush, linens, and disinfect. No one in my family has caught it. Each time it presents itself on a Monday evening making the week change its course before it even gets started.

reflections from a sick mama

I was sitting here thinking about how being sick makes me feel and thought I would turn those thoughts into this blog post because I am just sitting in bed waiting for this queasy feeling to pass so why not write. :) 

Three Reasons I Don't Like Getting Sick

  1. My brain goes to mush. I forget simple things like cancelling my art class so that my students will not sit there waiting for me. I guess I should be gentle with myself because I did email one set of parents, but totally forgot to email the other set of parents. Luckily, they are all understanding people and didn't hold it against me.
  2. I can't do what I want to do. I was looking forward to my classes, working on some projects, and taking my daughters to the movies. It's hard for me to follow through with those plans when my energy is low, and I am confined to my room because Strep is contagious.
  3. I have to take medicine. I don't care for taking medicine especially if the medicine makes me queasy. This is my third round of antibiotics. They have all been different. My body hasn't had time to restore all my good bacteria so I feel like part of the reason I keep getting sick is simply because I have yet to fully recuperate.

Three Things I've Learned from Recurring Illness

  1. Everything has its place and time. Even though I can't move the way I want to, I still accomplish quite a bit. All my ideas don't get to come to life, but those that are the most important do. No one really knows about those that don't make the cut so it doesn't hinder my life or others in any shape or form. Since it's not an hindrance, I shouldn't get down on myself simply because I can't move the way I want to.
  2. Most people are gracious and caring. I am thankful for the parents who tell me it's no big deal when class has to be rescheduled. Some students have been with me for more than one bout of Strep. I am glad that they aren't holding those times of sickness against me. My family always comes through for me when I am not well. They clean. They feed me. They give me space to heal. I am grateful that everyone in my home is willing to chip in not only when I am sick, but the days after when I am just trying to get my footing back.
  3. The world keeps spinning and life goes on. Getting sick does throw me off, but it isn't the end of my existence. It's okay to take a break. It's okay to reevaluate. It's okay to do the best with what I have. All the times I have gotten sick these few months has reminded me to be intentional with my time and not dwell on what I wasn't able to do.

I am slowly starting to feel better, and I will teach today's art class.  After class, I will go back to resting and playing Candy Crush and Cookie Jam. 

What tips have you learned from your sick days?