Three Tips to Manage Transitions in Your Life

Transitions are the worst for me.

Nearly each quarter of the year, I experience transitioning due to my teaching schedule, homeschooling, personal goals--or should I just say life. 

By now, I should be used to these shifts since I've experienced transitioning in more than one way throughout my life. I've gone  from living with various family members as a child to living on my own as a young adult.  I've experienced living in one state that I really adored--North Carolina to one that forced me to grow in ways I hadn't imagined--Illinois. So yes, transitioning is a regular part of life, but it is still something I have yet to get used to so I've come up with a plan to help me not become overwhelmed when a change is on the horizon.

Three Ways I Keep My Emotions at Bay While Moving Through a Transition

  1. Prioritizing is my first step. I cannot do everything. No matter how many great ideas I have or how beneficial something appears to be, I have to remember that I am only one person with limited time. To help me set my priorities straight, I pray and seek help from my Creator. Praying helps me to clearly see how I should invest my time. Prioritizing also means allowing my yes to be yes and no to be no. It's not always easy saying no to an experience that could be considered good like volunteering, but depending on what has been placed on my heart as a priority I have found myself saying no for the time being to many "good" things.

  2. Reminding myself to be patient follows closely behind prioritizing. When I have been operating in a routine, I no longer have to think about how much time it'll take me to complete a task because there's a flow. When I am in the midst of transitioning, I often can't work at my normal speed. Plans are adjusted due to new priorities. For instance, we are now into volleyball season which means we are heading out of the door in the early afternoon most days. This change limits how much time I have to teach my daughters and my Outschool classes. I can't rush our homeschool experience by trying to cram everything into our shorter days so I have to be patient and realistic about what we are able to accomplish over the next few months.

  3. Focusing on what is true is my lifeline. Philippians 4:8 is one of my favorite scriptures. For about three years, I wore a bracelet that read "Whatever 4:8" to serve as a reminder of this scripture. When I think only about whatever is true, noble, praiseworthy, etc., I can't help but to keep a positive perspective. I may not be moving at the speed I desire and may have put down projects that I really want to work on, but if I look through the "whatever" lens I am able to see the good in the choices I'm making at the given moment, and the impact those choices will have in my future moments.

If you're like me and find transitioning is no fun at all, I hope you'll find prioritizing, exhibiting patience, and holding onto an encouraging word will help make shifting into new routines, opportunities, etc. easier on you. 

What’s your best tip for managing transitions in your life?