Three Tips to Manage Transitions in Your Life

Nearly each quarter of the year, I experience transitioning due to my teaching schedule, homeschooling, personal goals--or should I just say life. 

By now, I should be used to these shifts since I've experienced transitioning in more than one way throughout my life. I've gone  from living with various family members as a child to living on my own as a young adult. 

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I'm Making a Point to Connect with Other Moms in My Community

We moved to middle Tennessee four years ago. It was a necessary move for my family. We needed a change in scenery and opportunities for my husband and myself. Now that we’ve been here for awhile, I figured it’s time for me to intentionally connect with other homeschooling moms in my community. Although we are now in the South, there still doesn’t seem to be many Black homeschooling families connecting in our local homeschool community.

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