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E is for Eva

She's been a part of our family for nearly five years.  It wasn't in our plans to add a dog to our family.  We met Eva at PetSmart while picking up a container for a butterfly chrysalis.  The girls asked if we could look at the cats and dogs a local shelter had brought in for adoption.  We went to "look" at the dogs, and a little voice said, "Eva needs a family, Mommy."  That's the story of how we became a dog family.

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Tracking My Days ~ My Venture into Planning

At the beginning of this month, I took the plunge and purchased a planner.  My initial and main reason for purchasing the planner is the fact that I have lots of thoughts and ideas running around in my head. Since I rarely wrote them down, they often just sat in my brain similar to the many photos I have piled up on my hard drive.  Now with my handy dandy planner, I am able to write down and dedicate a bit more time to things that I desire to do; not just those things that I know I have to do so that our home functions.

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