Tracking My Days ~ My Venture into Planning

I am not really a planner type of person.  I usually just get done what I need to get done and call it a day, and for awhile this worked for me.  Recently, and by recently, I mean the last three years, I have felt an urge to be more intentional with my time.  Like I said, I get things done, but I realize that now that I am able to accomplish a bit more and delve a little bit deeper into some things because of where we are now as a family.

At the beginning of this month, I took the plunge and purchased a planner.  My initial and main reason for purchasing the planner is the fact that I have lots of thoughts and ideas running around in my head. Since I rarely wrote them down, they often just sat in my brain similar to the many photos I have piled up on my hard drive.  Now with my handy dandy planner, I am able to write down and dedicate a bit more time to things that I desire to do; not just those things that I know I have to do so that our home functions.

Since I have begun planning, I will admit that I get more things done, and I don't forget certain tasks as often (Read: Clean the bathrooms).  For some reason, doing the bathrooms is the chore I will push to the bottom of the list more often than not.  I have also found more time to do things that I enjoy.  I am now less likely to get in the rut of idleness. There is truly something about having a purpose for time.

A Sneak Peek into My Planner

I picked this planner up from Target.  I believe it costed $9.99 plus tax.  The only decoration that is a part of the planner is the design that runs across the top of the page.  I added the other embellishments to give it a little life.  

I divided the weekdays in half.  One side represents the things that I must do to keep my home and family functioning also known as things that I must do in real life and not online, and the other side represents the things that I enjoy doing including blogging, scrapbooking, writing, and etc. 

I use the large block on the right side for meal planning and recording "Happy Thoughts or Moments" from the week.  I save this to do on Friday or Saturday.  Some weeks I write specific things, and other weeks I write something simple.  This week I was happy to enjoy a relaxing week at home with my daughters for most of the week since my radiator broke on my car last Sunday.  We are now down to one car, but for me it wasn't a bad thing to only have one car. It did cause me not do some of the things I had planned, but we were able to enjoy Chuck E Cheese's on Friday :)

Even though I knew the reason for purchasing the planner, I didn't initially know exactly how I would use this planner, but I have found it beneficial to write whatever words or scriptures which have been placed in my Spirit at the top of the page before the week begins. By having the words there, I am reminded daily about the things that I need to focus.

Do you plan for everyday life?  Tell me about your planner :) 

Be Blessed!