Making Me Smile ... The Baker's Dozen

This week many moments put a smile on my face.  Sometimes I take for granted moments of happiness so this week I am documenting a few.

1. Enjoying the warm sunshine.  When the sun comes out I often think it is God's gift to me.

2. Our family joke of being able to move the couch and put it away. Our current couch is a blanket and pillows on the floor.  I kind of like it.  It's comfortable and one less item to straightened or throw things on instead of putting things in the right spot.

We like the striped one, but the little one likes the one in the back.  She is being cost efficient.  I love her ways of keeping us straight.

We planned to get a new couch when we moved so we didn't bring ours with us. We donated it to Habitat Restore.  If you need to get rid of usable furniture, Restore will come and pick it up.  Goodwill also does.

3. Making muffins for my family.  They tasted different this time around, and my family noticed it.  I told them I added a little extra love.

4.  Making a new friend.  I know we just met, but I am think we will become friends.  She has helped me with figuring out umbrella schools, and possibly a place to worship.

5.  Getting back to creating.  It has been nearly a week since I made a piece.  I am thankful that I had an order to make after we got settled.  It felt good, and as always focused my mind on Him.

6. Eating Blue Bell ice cream for our mid-morning snack.  It was the only thing in our freezer for a few days.

7. Seeing my parents.  As I've shared, my parents struggle with their vices, but when they are doing okay it is nice to see them.  They met us at our new home which was another way God unexpectedly blessed us.

8. Watching my girls watch their favorite show.  Our apartment couldn't pick up most of the local channels so we went to the clubhouse to watch Odd Squad. I was thankful that they have such amenities.

9. The prayers and well wishes I continue to receive right when I need them.

10.  Getting nearly all of our boxes unpacked.  We need another bookshelf before we unpack the rest.

11.  Seeing God's hand in our lives.  He is always here even when everything is quiet.

12.  Enjoying a snow day with my family.  We left an area where it gets really cold and snows every winter, but having a snow day in the South is different.  It's relaxing. No one is expecting you to still head out and do things.

13.  Last, but not least His Grace.  I still get things wrong, but having grace and being able to look back to see just what He covered never fails to put a smile on my face.

What has placed a smile on your face this week?  Please share in the comments.