Our Homeschool Curriculum Choices for 4th and 6th Grades

We have made it through week one of the new school year, and I have yet to share with you all the curriculum we will be using to help us learn and grow this year.  I can't believe the girls are in 4th and 6th grades.  It seems like we just started this journey.  It really doesn't feel like I have been on this motherhood journey for long, but I guess I have been on it longer than I would like to admit.  Well enough of the sentimental stuff, let's get on to our selections for this school year. 

A majority of the curriculum we use has come from reviewing materials from different publishers over the past few years. Most of the selections are linked to the review while very few are linked to the website.

Fourth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Combined Homeschool Curriculum for Grades 4 and 6

Selecting Homeschool Curriculum for Our Environment

As you can see, we do more curriculum together than apart.  This works best for us.  I am able to adapt most components for each of my daughters without having to purchase multiple levels of the same materials.  This has not always been the case.  We have experienced a few years like last year where the girls' lessons were more individualized. This style didn't seem to work well for our environment.  I was often finding myself pulled between them more than I would like, and I realized that their weaknesses could be better nurtured if they had the opportunity to work with one another versus tackling everything alone.  When they worked on the state study during summer together, I realized that the girls enjoy working together since this allows for dialogue and cooperative learning between the two of them. 

As you may have noticed some of the curriculum is written to be used across multiple grade levels while some of it is in the grade level between my daughters.  We have never fully used these particular books from Evan-Moor, therefore, neither of my daughters have worked through grade 5.  Since the worksheets are not labeled with a grade level, they only see it as working on vocabulary or writing.  Of course, the expectations are different for each.

Have you made your curriculum selections?  Share your favorites in the comment section.