Home School Art with ArtAchieve REVIEW

ArtAchieve is a great online art program for students of all ages. I was excited when ArtAchieve became available for review because I knew I wanted to use it for my creativity time this summer. There are five levels within the ArtAchieve online art program. We are reviewing the Entire Level II program with our one year subscription.
Art Lessons for Children ArtAchieve Review

ArtAchieve offers instruction using a variety of methods.  This is one thing that I really like about the program.  The girls are able to watch the videos to get step by step verbal and visual instruction, and I was able to use the PowerPoint instruction for my quiet art moments.  Within the one year online membership we received, we have access to both instruction methods along with access to any supplemental materials needed for warm-up exercises or to help create the main project.

ArtAchieve Level II currently has 14 lessons.  The lessons include a variety of projects to be drawn such as the Japanese Goldfish and the Tessellations.  Since the projects are drawings, one supply which is always needed is heavy drawing paper.  I suggest heavy drawing paper because most of the projects are outlined with a black Sharpie marker.  The medium for each project is different.  Some projects use colored pencils while others use markers or paint. I would describe Level II highly focused on drawing, and I appreciate it.  I like the way the artist teaches students to look at each component of drawing such as which shapes are being used and what directions the lines are following.  There’s not just an example given, and then the learner is expected to go off and duplicate instead the lessons are step by step instructions with encouragement to add your own style to the piece.

ArtAchieve lessons begin with an art history lesson. No matter the subject of the lesson, the student is given an introduction about the inspiration of the art piece.  This introduction includes image examples, the origination of the style of art, and how it fit into society during the time period.  Many of the drawings are inspired by 3D pieces of art for example the Japanese Goldfish was inspired by a cast iron fish found in the entry way of a home in Spokane, WA.  Lessons also include warm ups to prepare for the creating processed.  Before the actual drawing begins, students are instructed to warm their wrists by doing hand exercises.  I really appreciate programs which remind us of this simple step.  I know it does wonders for the girls and me when we take the time to pay attention to our hands and wrists before starting any project which is going to cause us to use our hands for an extended period of time.  After the exercising, there are handouts for most projects to practice drawing different elements which will be present in the project. 

Overall, I appreciate the way ArtAchieve is laid out. It easy to use for the beginning artist, and can be challenging for someone who is a regular creator. I am looking forward to the girls completing Level II in the upcoming school year.

Have you been considering an art program for your home school?  ArtAchieve has been sample lessons available on the site for you to try out.  Not only are there sample lessons, but lessons can be purchased individually if you aren’t certain about a full year subscription.

Art Lessons for Children ArtAchieve Review
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