Homeschool Encouragement:  Do the Best With What You Have

Homeschool Encouragement: Do the Best With What You Have

The end of the school year often causes me to reflect and ponder the ways I can make our home school lifestyle better.  When last school year ended, I decided that I wanted to make this current school year better.  Now saying better isn't really measurable so I had to be specific.  Better for me meant being more focused with our time together, making sure I corrected their work consistently which means at least three times per week, and using curriculum that they enjoyed. 

My better stemmed from becoming distracted with all of the ideas, methods, and curriculum choices that are offered to us.   With too many options, we can easily find ourselves off the path where we really are supposed to be.  I streamlined.  I didn't go searching for the next thing to make our home school lifestyle better, but instead I used the things that are already in our grasp. I can't have more time added to my day so I had to be intentional about the way I use the time I am given.   I repurposed some things.  They enjoy learning many things, but not all lessons have to be taught at the table.    I let go of some things like outside commitments that just weren't for us even though the community enjoyed us being there.   I went back to some old things that worked for us like spending more time at home than out of our home so we can do the work as planned.  I picked up some new things that fit us better such as spending more time with friends doing fun things versus only seeing them in classroom environments.  I adjusted my circumstances.  Since I choose to write about home education and review curriculum, we will have a plethora of resources sent our way these are conditions in which I have created.  I have adjusted to these conditions too by not accepting every opportunity because our time does not always permit, and not every opportunity is meant for us. 

If you have been home schooling for any length of time, I am sure you have become weary with your circumstances whether it's not having the right resources or wanting to do more but not having enough time.  I challenge you to not look around with your natural eyes to get out the weariness funk, but instead to look within.  I challenge you to take a moment to adjust your perspective.  What do you already have that can change the course of your family?  What can you let go of to make room for the things that really matter?  Oftentimes, it isn't what we lack that is the problem, but not using what we have to make the most out of our situations. 

How can you do the best with what you have?  How can you adjust your perspective to make your time at home with your children the best year yet?

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