Spiritual Circle Journal- REVIEW

The Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens is a spiral bound journal that helps children and teenagers to be more intentional during their time with God.

What’s included?

The Spiritual Circle Journal is spiral bound with 65 journaling pages and 16 summary pages. We received one journal to be used with one of my daughters. I purchased an additional journal for my other daughter’s use. We also received cardstock scripture cards to share with other friends and family in both the review order and the separate order.

About Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens … 

The journal has three pages of instruction written to the parents.  The cover of the Spiritual Circle Journal can be removed and replaced with a cover unique to the owner of the journal.  There is a blank page inserted specifically for this use.

Spiritual Circle Journal

The journal pages are duplicated providing the user with a bit of comfort since the format is the same throughout.  There is a sample page which serves as a reminder on how to journal within the nine designated prayer areas since the blank pages do not have directions on them nor do the spaces specifically say what should be written within instead each space has the initial of the idea that should go within it.   For instance, L/V is the label for the musical note shaped space where lyric or verses are to be shared.  In this space, my daughters can write about a lyric or Bible verse that has caught their attention. 

The summary pages at the end of the journal allows the user to reflect over their journal entries.  There are nine spaces on each of the 16 pages where my daughters will be able to share the lessons they have learned over the course of using this particular journal or their favorite verses from the ones they previously shared in their journal.  Again, the journal is flexible so the summary pages can be used creatively to simply reflect over the previous journal entries.

The journal is really simple to use, but it is geared towards children eight and above or those who do not mind writing.

How are we using Spiritual Circle Journal?

The parent guide suggests that each family uses it to their own discretion and to encourage the child to write in their journal at least once a week.  As I described above, the journal has nine areas that my daughters can choose to fill in. The journaling options include: daily thoughts, ways God is moving, praises, and something you’ve learned from others to name a few. Since the girls typically do not journal in all nine areas in one sitting, I suggest for them to journal their thoughts in at least two spaces at the beginning of the week.  As the week progresses, I will have them pull their journals out again after devotional and prayer so they are able to add any new thoughts to their page for the week.  On Friday, we revisit the journal just in case anything else has transpired that they would like to pen or draw in their journal. 

This approach allows them to utilize more of the journaling options, and to not become complacent in choosing the same options each week.  On average, they journal about 5 of the nine options. 

Our thoughts about Spiritual Circle Journal …

The girls and I began drawing and writing out our prayers last year during our morning devotional time therefore the Spiritual Circle Journal was a good fit for us.  The girls both said that the journal helps them to better get out their thoughts.  I am sure that the guidance within the journal plays a role.

There are few things that I appreciate about the journal such as the fact that the journal came spiral bound and ready for use.  I also am a fan of there being guidance along with the flexibility that the girls are able to use it as they choose. 

I hope that this tool will continue to help them to build and strengthen their prayer life.

Spiritual Circle Journal
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