Researching Together with State The Facts REVIEW

Researching Together with State The Facts REVIEW

Geography is a big a part of our learning environment. If you were to visit us you will find maps on the wall in visible places and a globe or two. Geography is one of our pillar subjects, and because of this I thought it was a good time to allow the girls to research a state of their choosing using State the Facts: a Guide to Studying Your State by Laurelwood Books .

State the Facts is a softcover book with 58 pages dedicated to helping learners record information about their home state.  The girls chose to learn about South Carolina therefore this particular State the Facts book is all about the state of South Carolina.  I appreciate that this resource is open-ended which allows the student or parent to use the material as it fits into the particular learning environment.   Not only did they choose to study a state which is not their home state, they also collaborated on the project.  The State the Facts guide can be used for individual students, and should not be reproduced without permission.    

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How we used State the Facts:  A Guide to Studying Your State

As I stated earlier, the girls worked together to research the state of South Carolina.  The study guide has several questions and starting points to help the learner to dig deep into the state which is being studied.   The girls communicated and discussed which parts of the guide they would each complete.  They helped one another find information by using books from home, books from the library, and the internet.  

I chose for the girls to work on this project together because they have yet to collaborate in such a way.  We read and discuss books, but before now they had yet to actually research and discuss a topic without me moderating.  I believe they both were ready for this, and they enjoyed being in charge of leading the project together.  They both stated that the questions posed helped them to dig deeper because the author asked questions which they did not readily know the answer. 

A Little Bit About State the Facts:  A Guide to Studying Your State 

I shared how we used the guide, but I believe you guys would like to know more about the guide itself.  The guide has numerous sections which includes finding basic state information such as questions about statehood and a space to illustrate the flag.   Not only does the guide focus on this information for the state which is being researched, but some facts about the country is also included allowing for a well-rounded guide.  

Outside of the general questions, the author encourages students to read books about the state, and write a summary about it in the guide. There are pages dedicated to writing about famous men and women of the state.  The author helps guide the learners into seeing the changes the state has undergone throughout the years.  The guide has so many different types of questions that the researching any state should be enjoyable.   

The girls are enjoying researching South Carolina together, and they shared that they would be interested in completing another state guide together.  The amount of time to complete the guide would be based on each individual. 

Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books  Review}
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