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I am a part of the Illustrated Faith launch team.  I receive the monthly kits at no cost from DaySpring. This post contains affiliate links.

It's been one of those weeks where I've found myself questioning my every move. Should I keep pressing forward? Am I doing what God wants me to do? Am I on the right path?  Oftentimes, these questions begin to overtake my mind when change is on the horizon. I don't mind change, but I would be lying if I said that it wasn't uncomfortable and sometimes terrifying. But even when I am in emotional distress, God always shows up.  This time was no different. The Persevere kit from Illustrated Faith came to my mailbox at just the right moment.  I am usually surprised by the monthly theme so when I read theme on the envelope, I knew it was a word for me--persevere. 
illustrated Faith Persevere

What's in the Illustrated Faith Persevere kit?

The kit has been changed a bit instead of a devotional booklet there are beautiful cardstock cards. 

Devotional and journaling cards from the Illustrated Faith Perseverance kit

Devotional and journaling cards from the Illustrated Faith Perseverance kit

The kit still includes fan favorites like:

  • washi tape
  • stickers
  • clear cling stamps
  • a note from Shanna Noel
  • a pouch to keep all the goodies inside

But there were also a few more new additions such as the heart-shaped tip-ins and 25 beautifully designed paper pieces.

Lovelies inside of the Illustrated Faith Persevere kit

Lovelies inside of the Illustrated Faith Persevere kit

Perseverance and me

One thing about perseverance that I keep being reminded of is that you have to keep going. I can't always start something new simply because my current journey is becoming more difficult than I desire instead I have to lean into it more with His help and call out the distractions even the good ones that are tempting me to change course.  There's much room for me to learn about contentment here too which is another area that ebbs and flows for me. :) I am also learning that while staying the course there will be things that I have to let go of to do well on my journey. Again, even the good stuff might have to be put down if it isn't a requirement for this leg of the journey. 

With a new school year on the horizon and other responsibilities,  I am holding to these four steps to persevere from the kit:

  1. Pray: I am seeking His will in all that I do. I don't want to do anything that isn't in His plan for me so I have to choose to be diligent in this area. 
  2. Prepare: I have come to recognize that preparing in some instances simply means letting go to make room for whatever comes up on this new leg of the journey.
  3. Plant Your Feet: I am not a fan of being wishy washy, but it happens. I am praying that the daily distractions will not lead me down the rabbit hole that only leads to confusion and wasted time.
  4. Press On: I know that rarely anything is easy so when things get tough, I will continue to press on. Moving forward in the Father with the Spirit guiding me.  I know that I can't do it alone, and I know that these steps will be repeated daily and on most days more than once. 

Are you working through new things or old ones and need a dose of encouragement along the way?  Consider the Persevere kit from Illustrated Faith.  I enjoyed the I am kit last month, and I am appreciative that I can follow up with Persevere this month.  Won't you join me?