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Home School Reflections: What to do with gloomy days?

Then the rain came, I have a hard time with gloomy days.  My being becomes a bit gloomy like the weather, and I prefer to sit alone and read or ponder about different things.  Luckily, the rain did not come until Friday, but I felt the onset of my mood changing on Thursday.  Since it hit me harder on Friday, I am grateful that there was a plan in place to meet up with friends to begin our study of the book of Isaiah.  It was a safe place to talk about the way I was feeling, and to come to realization that it is perfectly normal to have ups and downs.  I know this, but of course it is always comforting when there is support.  

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Home School Reflections: When Plans Fail

What do I mean by our plans failed?  Well, each week I write out the goals I have for the girls as it relates to which lessons should be completed, which activities we will do, and the places we will visit.  This past week about 75% of the plans actually happened.  There were two days last week that I was visited cluster headaches.  When I get these headaches, it is really hard for me to function at full capacity therefore I can't do all that I have planned.  Now the girls do continue to move forward with the majority of their work, but not all because there are some concepts that I must actually teach them.  Prayerfully, I will not have a headache for the next few months since I only get them a few times each year. 

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Our First Week of Homeschooling for 2016-2017

Last week, we found our way back to the books.  I can honestly say it was a great start of the year.  As the days progressed, I knew I wanted to start back sharing weekly updates here.  I am optimistic that we will have a good school year, and I want to be able to look back on the different things we will accomplish this year after this season has passed plus have been told that sharing some of the things that we do in our home school actually help other families who have taken on the call to home educate.

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