Home School Reflections: When Plans Fail

Hey, guys.  Last week did not go as planned,  but that's okay we still made the most out of our week.

What do I mean by our plans failed?  Well, each week I write out the goals I have for the girls as it relates to which lessons should be completed, which activities we will do, and the places we will visit.  This past week about 75% of the plans actually happened.  There were two days last week that I was visited cluster headaches.  When I get these headaches, it is really hard for me to function at full capacity therefore I can't do all that I have planned.  Now the girls do continue to move forward with the majority of their work, but not all because there are some concepts that I must actually teach them.  Prayerfully, I will not have a headache for the next few months since I only get them a few times each year. 

But in spite of not being able to do all things that were in my handy dandy planner, we still managed to have a pretty good week.

  • I walked the girls through the first few lessons of Jenny Phillips' language arts program. This helped them to understand the way the program is intended to be used.  It has a few parts to it, and it is new to them so I wanted to set them up for success.
  • The girls enjoyed watching the Olympics once all of their daily assignments were completed.
  • We put together a solar system mobile to go along with Apologia Astronomy.

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  • We enjoyed to home school gatherings at the park this week.  It was nice to get out and chat with families who have similar lifestyles while the children played and shared their thoughts with one another.

Homeschool Tip of the Week:

When things don't go as planned, don't give up, but instead look for the positive moments that happened in spite of the circumstances.  Although I really despise the headaches,  I came away feeling the love from my family.  They helped me and took care of me until I was able to do things for myself.  The girls may not have completed all of their assignments, but at least we will have time to do the ones they didn't complete next week.  As I look back in planner, we actually got more done than I realized.  Count the small victories because every week will not be grand.