Home School Reflections: What to do with gloomy days?

I was trying to decide what to title to this post since it is simply a weekly reflection then I realized we do not count the days or weeks that we have been in session since home education is simply an extension of our lives together so labeling it week three wouldn't be appropriate.  The days sorta just run together, and by the time we get to week ten I am certain I would have lost count.  I am not sure if this is a good thing or not, but either way it's the way it goes around here.

Last week in our learning environment was really lowkey.  This is typically the way it is when the previous week doesn't go as planned.  The beginning of the week started really well.  We worked well through the lessons that were written out in my hand dandy planner.  There wasn't any complaint about any of the lessons being too long.  We started studying the nervous system using Dr. Lainna Callentine's new curriculum through Master Books (we got it for review).  The girls were excited that I added the lessons in this week especially my aspiring nurse.  She is ready to learn all things about the human body so when nursing school comes she will be ready.  I am happy that she is enthused and engaged.  She has always been one to say I will learn whatever you teach me versus requesting to be taught specific things outside of French and weather.  I am glad that I am finally able to give her something that she really wants.  I was also impressed by little sister who stated she would participate, but that big sister can take the lead since this is more her thing.  This was something big for little sister since she is more vocal and outgoing in all things even though she is still considered shy. All in all the week started off well.

Then the rain came, I have a hard time with gloomy days.  My being becomes a bit gloomy like the weather, and I prefer to sit alone and read or ponder about different things.  Luckily, the rain did not come until Friday, but I felt the onset of my mood changing on Thursday.  Since it hit me harder on Friday, I am grateful that there was a plan in place to meet up with friends to begin our study of the book of Isaiah.  It was a safe place to talk about the way I was feeling, and to come to realization that it is perfectly normal to have ups and downs.  I know this, but of course it is always comforting when there is support.  

Homeschool Tip of the Week:

Be gentle with yourself.  Don't get so caught up in being the perfect mom that you forget that you are simply a person too.  As a person, I have good days and bad days.  Some days are really fantastic like we create something fabulous like our DIY travel container or we might go on a cool field trip followed by lunch at a restaurant whereas other days are outright drab.  It's okay for my girls to see this because it provides them with the opportunity to find joy in the drab days.  It gives them the opportunity to tap into their own imaginations versus waiting for me to provide the spark.

Tell me about your week.  Does the weather throw you off course, too? How do you rebound?