Fitness in our Homeschool

I thought my daughters would play a sport or participate in some sort of regular physical activity when we started our homeschool journey. I figured if they were participating in a regular activity then I wouldn't have to worry about penciling in fitness. Even though they both have found a physical activity that they both enjoy neither of these are enough to give their hearts a regular boost daily. My youngest plays volleyball; luckily, there is a 1.5 hour class each week focused on technique and training throughout the year while my oldest participates in two hours of dance each week. I am happy they each have found something they enjoy, and we've learned that they are more apt to move in a group. But, what about days when they aren't at practice? Are my children getting enough movement in their lives daily?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated on their website that children ages 6-17 years old should be active for at least 60 minutes per day. Dance and volleyball doesn't give them them the 60 minutes of exercise they need each day although it does give fill the need for at least one day out of the week., and since my daughters don't go outside often to chase each other around, I have found myself needing to be proactive with keeping my girls moving. 

Fitness in our Homeschool Series for homeschool parents who want to get their children moving

This week will begin Fitness Fridays on Joy in the Ordinary. Over the next four Fridays,  I will share with you different ways I am active with my daughters. This isn't a series about how to get your children to move without you, but focuses on both the primary educator and the children. For me, it's not only about keeping my daughters moving, but also about me being healthy and physically fit. If you are a homeschooling parent who has been thinking about increasing physical activity in your homeschool, this series is for you. Be sure to come back for Fitness Fridays sponsored by Fitivities on Joy in the Ordinary.  

If you are ready to get started today, use the Family Fitness calendar from Fitivities

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