Why Homeschooling Works for Us!

I have yet to do an official "why we homeschool post."  I guess it is time to share why we homeschool our girlies.

There are several reasons regarding our venture into homeschooling, and there are even more new reasons as to why we continue to teach our girls at home.

Initially, we began our homeschool journey because of  Dania's late birthday.  By school calendar standards she wasn't ready for Kindergarten, but by her own standards she had surpassed Kindergarten material.  She was reading and doing simple math, and quite a bit of this was through her own desire to learn.   She picked up on things fairly easily, and always wanted more.  She had and still does have a strong desire to learn. 

So we kept on teaching her and giving her what she desired, but I would say the downfall in this is that she would be bored when it came time to enter a K classroom.  I knew this because the summer before we started homeschooling, I taught summer school to the entering kindergarteners in our school district along with an awesome K teacher, who continues to teach.  Many of the students did not know their alphabet let alone sounds to be able to read.  And based on my conversation with the K teachers who taught with me, this was what K was mostly about letters, numbers, colors, etc.  Well, she already knew that and I am not about wasting time even if she was "just a kid and with nothing else to do with her time."  So, August 2009, we began our homeschool journey.

After really thinking about it I realized that there were other reasons for this desire.  Such as, allowing the girls to grow into who they truly are without conforming to those around them.  In my youth, I was a conformer or I made myself disappear, depending on the day.  I knew I didn't want this for them.  I want them to have confidence as a child that would continue to grow into adulthood.  Another reason was to somewhat protect them from stereotypes.  I found in my short stint in the classroom that there are many negative perceptions of students of color or from a lower socioeconomic status.  I really did not notice this in my days as an elementary student maybe because it wasn't so blatant.  Well, as a teacher I heard the comments other teachers made about their students, and I did not care for those comments or thoughts nor did I want their notions about the students they taught to be directed at our children.

Those were our original reasons for testing out the waters of homeschooling.  Hopefully before the week ends, I will share with you why we continue to homeschool.

Why did you start homeschooling your child(ren)?