Homeschool Fitness: A Few Good Reasons to Be Active in Your Homeschool

This post is sponsored by Fitivities. All thoughts and the story are all my own. 

Is physical activity on the bottom of the priority list in your homeschool? In our home, we went through a period of time when physical activity was limited to only the extracurricular classes my daughters were taking at the moment. On the days they didn't have class, they also didn't have much physically activity. The lack of physical activity wasn't good for them, and I made it a point to make sure we started exercising in our home. There are many good reasons to be intentional about physical movement, and today I am sharing four of the top reasons we are committed to exercise.

A few reasons to exercise regularly

Better rest

We have sleep issues in our family. It doesn't always matter if we go to bed early or late. It doesn't always matter if we get the proper number of hours of sleep. There are nights when a good night's rest doesn't happen even when we follow the sleep rules. I've noticed when we exercise for at least 30 minutes during the day, a better night's rest often happens. My daughters usually wake the next day sharing that they slept through the night. When we don't exercise, they are more likely to wake during the night (yes, at 10 and 12). When they wake during the night, it does effect the following day. They are less alert and more sluggish. It really throws us off a bit. If your child is having a difficult time getting good rest, consider adding in at least 30 minutes of intentional, focused physical activity like a few rounds of Fitivities. We usually play at least two times for one workout. 

Improves energy levels

Do you ever feel sluggish throughout the day? I know I do. I also know that on some days my children are a bit sluggish, too. Regular physical activity can offer a boost of energy which can help rid the sluggish feeling that many of us experience. if I feel like worn down whether from being tired or emotionally drained, a nice, long walk often perks me up. My daughters and I have come to love our morning walks. The walk sets the pace for our day and helps us to clear our minds before jumping into our school work. With improved energy, we also have better focus.

Increases focus

I don't know about you, but when I am tired or low on energy I can't focus. When my daughters are tired or have low energy, I get glazed over eyes when we're supposed to be discussing our latest literature selection. When we are unfocused, it makes a long day, and honestly, it can feel like the day had been wasted even when we do manage to plow through. I am not a fan of plowing through because the lessons or information isn't always retained. By having brain breaks that promote physical activity, I help my daughters have a better chance of retaining the information and being engaged with the lessons. I like pairing Fitivities task cards with other academic skills. It helps my daughters "wake up" and have better concentration.

Controls weight

I like the mental and emotional benefits of exercise, but I can't deny the physical benefits of regular exercise. One of my goals as a mother is to help my daughters enter adulthood healthy. It doesn't matter if we eat only healthy food if our lives are sedentary. Moving regularly and intentionally helps all of us keep our weight in check. By keeping our weight in check, we are less likely to need spend money on medications for diseases related to weight. We are less likely to need to constantly buy new clothes because our bodies continue to widen. We are less likely to see ourselves with a negative view even if we aren't as light as the BMI chart suggests. Teaching and helping my daughters understand the importance of controlling their weight in a healthy way will hopefully keep them from having major struggles in adulthood. 

These are just a few reasons to be active in your homeschool. 

For tips and suggestions for physical activities in your homeschool, check out the Fitivities website.