Rise Up Kit | Illustrated Faith

I am a part of the Illustrated Faith launch team.  I receive the monthly kits at no cost from Dayspring. This post contains affiliate links.

I've taken a break from large group Bible studies.  I've had this urge for awhile to sit quietly with the Spirit without the distraction of others.  Don't get me wrong ... I appreciate group Bible studies for certain seasons of my life, but this season has been all about studying because I desire to and not because I have to have my homework done before the next meeting.  There's something different when you're studying for the pure joy of it.  You can get lost in whatever book of the Bible you choose to or go in depth about a topic that is on your heart.  

Now that it has been year after participating in group study and about three months since my friend and I finished our study of Isaiah which is a great book to read by the way, I've found that I want to be a part of community again.  This is why I am intentionally joining the Illustrated Faith community. It's not the IRL community that I am used to, but it is perfect for the season that I am in now.  It allows me to work through the 14 day devotionals and share my understanding with a community of artists who appreciate the Word.  It is the perfect mix between studying as I feel led and sharing what I am learning with others.

I started with the Illustrated Faith - Doodles To Live By Kit this month.  I have enjoyed it so much.  I am still getting the hang of illustrating my thoughts, but it feels good to interact with the Most High's Word in a different way.  Plus, I can still journal with words or simply write a list ... I don't feel obligated to always illustrate.
Since I have made the commitment to study with Illustrated Faith, you can expect for me to share each of the monthly kits on Joy in the Ordinary.  The next kit I will be using is Illustrated Faith - Rise Up Kit; the kit includes:
  • the beautifully decorated pouch to hold all of my supplies
  • a 14-day devotional
  • stickers
  • alphabet stickers,
  • clear stamp collection
  • three bookmarks
  • washi tape (my favorite)
  • magnetic bookmark (my daughters' favorite)
  • thank you card from Shanna 




My First Reflection from the Illustrated Faith Rise Up! Kit

I don't journal in my Bible instead I use the devotional to jot down most of my thoughts and illustrations, and if I want write out a Scripture or two I use my Words Can Go Leather Journal because it has really nice paper.  

Day 1 Scripture passage was Matthew 5:15-16.  Since it was just the reminder that I needed especially after a conversation that I had with a friend yesterday,  I decided that I wanted to write out verse 16.  It is the passage that I am intentionally focusing on as I walk through this day ... to let my light shine in order to bring glory to the Father.  Although I think I do okay with this, I really want the words to become cemented into my heart.  

I am looking forward to working through the Rise Up! 14-day devotional; I can't wait to see what will be revealed to me as I work through it.

Are you part of the Illustrated Faith Community?  Do you study His word with others or by yourself? 

Want to give Bible journaling a try?  Consider working through the Illustrated Faith - Rise Up Devotional Kit with me and many other Illustrated Faith community members.

  Get the Illustrated Faith Rise Up Devotional Kit HERE