Five Minute Friday: Mom

Five Minute Friday Mom

Secretly, I wondered if I would ever be a mother. I questioned if I would be trusted to care for children of my own. I doubted it. I doubted I would be able to love. I doubted I would be able to understand them. I doubted I would be equipped.   

Now, I am a mom. Not only a mom, but a mom of two girls.  The secret that resided in my heart. The Most High always knows my secrets. Or maybe my secret was a glimpse of a promise He was revealing to me.


I am grateful to be a mom. I've learned to love. I've grown more understanding from the lack of being understood. I am still not equipped on my own, but I am not on this journey alone.  

Today I am thankful to be called Mommy. 

Mama shirt from MommyUp. 

Mama shirt from MommyUp

This post is part of Five Minute Friday hosted by Kate Mota ung. The goal is to write for 5 minutes. Just write. No edits.