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Q & A with Homeschool Mom | Meet Jennifer from Good Life Detroit

When I started this series featuring African-American homeschool moms, I didn't know exactly the way it would turn out. I still don't know, but I do enjoy featuring a new African-American mom regularly. Jennifer shared this with me, "I think it's important for families of color to share their experience homeschooling.

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Q & A with Home School Mom: Shnia

Shnia,  pronounced like Shania Twain, runs the Facebook Page, Mom of Fantastic 4, which is where I found her. She is a wife and mother of four children. She previously taught preschool, but left that field to begin teaching her daughter at home. This school year, she's homeschooling three of her four! Aside from taking care of her home, she is a youth pastor. Shnia also knows how to have fun.  She enjoys singing, meals at TGI Fridays, and watching mob movies!

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