Our Home Learning Highlights for the Week

Three of Our Favorite Homeschooling Moments of the Week

  • Our youngest daughter started Logic of English Essentials program. This is a highlight because this is the first spelling curriculum that she has made it a point to complete daily. Spelling would be considered one of weaker subjects. She actually asks to do spelling now. We generally use the spelling inside of our language arts program and bookstore workbooks, but she needed a little more focused instruction in spelling. I am happy that we have found something that she enjoys. I'll be writing a review for the program soon.

She really enjoys this program. I am so thrilled!

She really enjoys this program. I am so thrilled!

  • The girls and I volunteered with a local organization that buys birthday gifts for children of fallen soldiers. Each year the organization delivers the gifts to the children who have lost a parent who was a service member. They gave us a budget and an "about me" sheet for the child, and we selected the gifts based on the information we received. It was a good experience for the girls and myself. The girls put so much thought into the gifts they selected for the recipients. We all shopped for girls which made it somewhat easier. I hope that the girls we shopped for are pleasantly surprised.

  • We made a cool art from Artistic Pursuits Book 2 K-3. I try to make sure that we do an art project at least once per week. There are weeks when we get to create two art projects. So far we have created one project, but I am hoping that we will be able to do another either this afternoon or Friday.

How has your week been so far?  Share a highlight in the comments.