Aquarium Restaurant Tour in Nashville

The Aquarium Restaurant offers behind the scene tours and Marine Biologist for the Day opportunities.  Although the girls weren't interested in dissecting a squid, we still managed to see the inner workings of The Aquarium Restaurant which hosts over 1,000 saltwater creatures.

Our tour included learning the types of animals which are housed at the Aquarium Restaurant in Opry Mills.  Of course there are several types of fish, but the aquarium also holds a few smaller sharks, stingrays, and eels.   We even learned a few names although I can't remember any at the moment.

We saw the mechanical room and learned more about the water system there.  There is so much water! There is also quite a bit of work that goes into running such a large aquarium and taking care of so many animals.

Since we went behind the scenes, we were able to see the entry point in which the scuba divers enter the aquarium and where they drop the food to the fish, squids, and eels.  It was cool to stand over the aquarium.  As you can imagine, there was tons of water. I was kind of scared if I am to be honest. Luckily, the platform was sturdy enough to hold us all.

The youngest touched a starfish which gave be a dose of courage, and I touched it too.  The oldest wasn't into touching anything, but she still had a nice time going behind the scenes and learning more about the functions of an aquarium.

We haven't been to an aquarium in years so this was something new for us.  We had a great time.

When was your last visit to an aquarium?  Share your latest field trip or outing in the comments.

Latonya Mo2 Comments