A Day in the Life ...

I've yet to write a day in the life post so I figured it was time to give it a try.  It's not so easy to write these types of postsbecause our days are never the same.  We have structure, but we aren't so structured that every day repeats itself.  I am going to do my best to share a typical day in our home.

5:30 A. M.  I wake.  I pray.  I think.  On some days I post a picture to my jewelry Instagram page since posting super early in the morning gets my photos the most views. 

My husband wakes to exercise and read his Bible.

6:30 A. M.  I complete my bible study for the day.

7:00 A.M.  I am finally out of bed.  I shower, dress, and take the dog out for a walk.

Vic leaves for work so it's just the girls and myself plus Eva now.

7:45 A. M.  The girls are usually up and moving around by now. The youngest feeds Eva. 

8:00 A. M. We do Daily Burn. The class is live at 9 AM/EST. We've been using this program since January.

8:40 A. M.  We're eating breakfast, cooling down, and getting our minds ready for the day after our awesome workout. 

9:00 A.M.  The girls are back in their room playing.  They also brush their teeth and make their beds during this time.

9:30 A. M. We start our lessons. We begin most of our lessons by playing some sort of game. Some of our usual games are Scripture Memory Game, Daily Puzzlers from SchoolhouseTeachers.com, Appletters, Sudoku from SuperTeacherWorksheets.com, and MindWare Logic Links .

We follow the games up with a short devotional and prayer.

10:00 A. M.  We do our history.  It is our first subject because it has the most reading.  Two of us are better at the beginning of the day while one of us never gets tired. :)   We take turns reading aloud.

10:40 A. M.  This is never the same.  On a typical day, there's a mesh of subjects during this time frame.  They include science, Latin,  HomeSchool in the Woods history or government packs, and sometimes we may even do art during this time.  It really just depends on the day.

11:45 A. M.  The girls are ready for some independent work.  They choose which subject to begin with during this time.  All of their independent work is the same daily so there really isn't ever a surprise except I might choose to spend the day reviewing math concepts with them versus moving on to a new lesson.

For the most part, they begin with spelling, language arts or handwriting.

12:15 P. M. Lunch

We normally listen to an audio book during this time.  I used to read aloud, but Audible.  Hopefully, I will soon wean myself and start back reading to them, but after history and science I feel done with reading aloud.

1:00 P. M.  They finish any of their language work that wasn't completed, but usually they are done before we eat lunch.  So after lunch, it's math time.  We use Christian Light for our primary curriculum.  It is independent although I do teach new concepts and check in if they look like they need help.

Math doesn't typically take an hour and a half, and when it doesn't we will usually do art or read something aloud.

2:30 P. M.  We are usually done with all of our work.  There are other subjects that we fit in, but to be honest I am not sure the exact time.  The girls do writing lessons twice a week and practice typing. 

After the girls are finished with their work, I work on things for my business and blog.

2:45 P. M. The girls are back to playing with each other or reading a book.  They do read their library books of their choosing, but this is something they do on their own.  It's not at a specific time so they might read as soon as they wake up or during a down moment. 

Some things such as reading and their Community Bible Study homework isn't a part of our daily "schedule".  They just know to read their books before they are due and to complete their homework before Friday.  I don't always sit with them while they answer their questions, but they will ask me for help if needed, and we discuss our lessons just in the midst of doing life together.

 3:30 P. M. I walk the dog again.  We both need fresh air by this time.  After the walk, I shower again if I didn't get to while the girls were working.

4:00 P. M. They leave me.  Their friends are home and want them to come out to play so they ditch me. :)  Since I am now home alone,  I write, create, cook dinner, whatever it is I need to do that I didn't get to earlier.

5:30 P. M.  We eat dinner and catch up with the man of the house.

6:00 P. M.  Most evenings someone has an extracurricular activity during this time.



That's pretty much our day.  For the most part, we allow our days to flow naturally.  We have goals, but we understand goals are achieved bit by bit so that's how we operate.  It works best for us this way because it lessens stress.

What does a day look like in your home or home school?  Do you have a blog post about it? If so, share your link in the comments.

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