20 + African-American Home School Blogs/Vlogs

I enjoy reading blogs just as much as I enjoy writing.  It's something about reading others' stories that gives me a dose of inspiration.  When we started our home educating journey in 2009, I began to be more intentional about the blogs I read.  Home schooling can be a bit lonely if you aren't in an area where there are many home educators or if you don't have a lot of support.  During my search I found very few blogs written by African-American home school moms.  The few I found early on no longer exist although many of those blogs did offer the boost of encouragement that I was searching for at the time.

Thankfully as time has gone on more African-American home school moms are sharing their stories online either through writing or video. This list is dedicated to 20 blogs or YouTube channels that are created by African-American moms who home educate. 


ABC Remix shares a variety of educational resources geared towards Black children.

African-American Homeschool Moms is a resource blog with suggestions for a variety of subjects along with activity suggestions to use in your homeschool.

The Art of Homeschoolery shares her thoughts about being an home educating mom including the highs and lows.

A Stable Beginning shares beautiful photography of her family's homeschooling journey.  She also has a variety of curriculum reviews on her blog.

The Blessed Heritage Chronicles is a veteran home schooling mom.  There is an abundance of encouragement on her site.

Brown Mamas is a lifestyle blog that includes aspects of homeschooling boys in Pittsburg.

Christian Homeschool Moms is a blog which also hosts a podcast discussing a variety of home schooling topics through interviews. 

Chocolate Covered Boy Joy is a candid blog which shares the story of a mother and her two sons.

Dr. J shares lots of good information such as in depth reviews and suggestions for teaching math, science, and reading with a focus on gifted learners on her YouTube channel.

For Love of Education is a secular home school with the focus of teaching an only child.

Faith and Love Academy is a YouTube channel that is inspiring no matter what part of the homeschooling journey you are on from tips to making your school fun to real life struggles.

Gra8ful8 shares the daily life of her large family along with curriculum hauls and teaching strategies on YouTube. 

Half Mom Half Amazing shares tips for teaching younger learners along with weekly lesson planning.

20 + African American moms who homeschool

Hip Hop Homeschoolers is focused on connecting Black homeschoolers with one another.  Kaycee has taken on the task of bringing resources that will strengthen the Black homeschool to one place.

Homeschooling in the D isn't about homeschool curriculum, but instead focuses on the journey of choosing to be a homeschooling family.  You will love hanging out with Camille and her family in Detroit. 

Joy in the Ordinary is focused on encouraging the whole mom as she continues on her homeschool journey. 

Mama Jenn encourages mom to have a mission for the month.

Mommy Wife Life is a lifestyle blog that includes home education. 

Morah Sheli is an African centered blog which focuses on self awareness and restoring positive identity in the Black child.

My Three Seeds of Joy shares a variety of STEM projects along with encouragement to do things differently.

No Idle Bread is a faith based blog which offers encouragement from a biblical perspective to moms.

The Squishable Baby shares behind the scenes in her home school along with teaching suggestions.  She also hosts a weekly educational link up.

The Mahogany Way is filled with beautiful photographs of the family's unschooling journey.

Mommy, Concentrated is a faith based blog which offers encouragement while sharing the family's story.

Mommy Life Renewed is a new lifestyle blog which focuses on large family living and teaching several children using a variety of methods.

Sonya Kendall shares her family's journey as homeschoolers along with a variety of resources and craft projects.

This list was created as a resource for those moms who like me desire to read blogs written by African-American home educators.  I am not an avid reader of every blog on the list therefore I do not endorse the blogs listed, but I have read several posts or watched a few videos from each of them and found them enjoyable and helpful.

Do you know of any other home school blogs or vlogs created by African American moms?  Please share in the comments.