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20 + African-American Home School Blogs/Vlogs

I enjoy reading blogs just as much as I enjoy writing.  It's something about reading others' stories that give me a dose of inspiration.  When we started our home educating journey in 2009, I began to be more intentional about the blogs I read.  Home schooling can be a bit lonely if you aren't in an area where there are many home educators or if you don't have a lot of support.  During my search I found very few blogs written by African-American home school moms

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Five Ways I Navigate Home School Conventions as a Black Mom

Overall, I am a fan of home school conventions.  If you want to know why, take a moment to read A Black Mom's Perspective of Home School Conventions.  With that being said,  I also have my way of navigating such places in which I am a minority with little if any representation on the committee or speaker roster.

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