Creating a Google Classroom for Homeschool

Using technology in our homeschool has become something I’m more intentional about since my daughters are now in middle and high school. I took several online classes during my college years, and it seems online learning will continue to be an option for learning for years to come. A few years ago, we began using Google classroom to help me to stay organized and to help them continue on the path of independent learning. Google classroom is a product I will continue to use in our homeschool this school year.

How to Create a Google Classroom for Your Homeschool

Create a Google Classroom Account

Before you can use Google classroom, you’ll need to create an account. Google gives access to classroom to anyone who has a personal Google account. If you have a Gmail account, it’s really easy to get create your classroom account. Just head over to Google Classroom and sign in with your Gmail account.

Decide Which Homeschool Classes You’ll Teach with Google Classroom

If you’re new to using Google Classroom, I would suggest choosing a few subjects. So far I’ve used Google Classroom to teach middle school American Government with Notgrass and World Geography using a variety of resources. I liked teaching these classes using Google classroom because I was able to track their reading assignments and tell them exactly which parts of the lessons they needed to complete.

I suggest starting off with a few classes because it can be difficult to stay up to date if using technology to manage your homeschool isn’t something you’ve done before.

I’ve also found in our homeschool that every subject isn’t a good candidate for Google classroom. For instance, we are more successful using notebooks, Fix It Grammar, and vocabulary resources for English assignments. I also need my daughters to be comfortable with printing assignments versus expecting me to only view their work via Google Classroom.

Set Up Your First Classroom

Once you’re signed into Google Classroom, you can set up your first classroom by selecting the plus sign in the top right corner then click on “create a class”. You’ll be greeted with a pop-up box that asks if you will use Google Classroom in a classroom with students, you’ll want to verify that you are not.

Snapshot of Algebra 1 class in Google Classroom

Snapshot of Algebra 1 class in Google Classroom

Next, you’ll name your class and select the topic. I don’t fill out any of the other blanks since they do not apply to our homeschool.

You’ll need to invite your child into the classroom by using their Gmail account. I’ve created Gmail accounts for my daughters. You can also send the code for the classroom to your child via email. It’s important that your child has a Gmail account since Google classroom will only give access to students with the same domain. You’ll find the option to add your child under “People” in the menu bar.

Now that you have created your Google classroom for one of your subjects, you can begin adding classwork.

Have you set up your Google classroom?