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Spiritual Circle Journal- REVIEW

The journal pages are duplicated providing the user with a bit of comfort since the format is the same throughout.  There is a sample page which serves as a reminder on how to journal within the nine designated prayer areas since the blank pages do not have directions on them nor do the spaces specifically say what should be written within instead each space has the initial of the idea that should go within it.   For instance, L/V is the label for the musical note shaped space where lyric or verses are to be shared.  In this space, my daughters can write about a lyric or Bible verse that has caught their attention. 

Bible Study with is completely online.  The program is best used on a desktop or laptop computer due to the screen resolution requirements.  We attempted to use it on a tablet, but it was not having it. JAlthough my youngest daughter made the choice to review, I also set up an account for my oldest daughter.  Each of my daughters was able to create their own avatar for the program.  I appreciate the diversity that includes in the process.  Setting up is really easy.  They both sign in under the same email and password, and simply select their account to work through the biblical paths.  The program is written for students to use independently.

Grapevine Studies: Resurrection Review

It wasn’t until I was an adult did I fully understand the meaning of Easter.  As a child, I felt so lost when it came to religious holidays.  I remember the traditions, but the meaning was lost on me.  As the girls continued to get older, my desire to know more about the faith in which I followed grew more and more and it continues to grow.  When we studied John in 2011, it was like my eyes were opened and everything had new meaning.