Can Do Cubes-REVIEW

Can Do Cubes-REVIEW

Can Do Cubes spelling and phonic skills using a synthetic approach. Can Do Cubes can be found are available at through Just Two Ducks LLC.

What’s included?

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

The Can Do Cubes are 59 cubes.  The cubes are divided into two stages.  The first stage has eight different cubes with a different letter on each side.  Cube 1 has six duplicate cubes, and cubes 2 through 8 has three duplicate cubes.  Stage two cubes has the blends, digraphs, double consonants, punctuation, and capital letters.  The set not only includes the cubes, but it also includes two handbooks for phonics instruction, an informational DVD, a CD with downloadable workbooks, and three at-a-glance charts.

About Can Do Cubes …

The Can Do Cubes can be used alone or with a different spelling program.  The cubes are used to teach spelling with a systematic synthetic approach so that learners will have solid foundation in phonics and the alphabetic code. 

The first stage focuses on teaching letters as sounds.  There are 48 phonemes represented on the stage one cubes.  These cubes include both single and double letter phonemes. The phonemes represented in the first stage are considered the simple code.

The stage two cubes focus on the more complex alphabetic code and can be used to teach or reinforce the multiple spelling variations of sounds such as /air/and /eir/. 

Both manuals provide tips for teaching phonemic awareness, and provides instruction for parents or teachers who may not have taught phonics previously.  The teacher guides are downloadable with printable pages that can be used to extend the activities.  The guides also include a variety of activities to help make the most of the cubes along with more support for the teacher or parent.

How we are using Can Do Cubes?

The Can Do Cubes work well with the Logic of English Essentials program because it is a hands on spelling program.  The cubes provide easy access and are well organized which helps me to keep from having to sort out the manipulatives we will use for the specific lesson. 

Since spelling is not my youngest daughter’s strongest subject although she does fine when she takes her time, we will use the cubes to continue to strengthen her spelling skills.  She is well aware of the sounds, but keeping them all in place can be difficult at times. 

Our thoughts about Can Do Cubes …

I like that the cubes are simple.  They are wooden which reduces distraction.  They are easy to hold since they are a good size for small hands.  They are neither too big or too small.  Although we are using a different spelling program which we are nearly finished with, I am thankful for the extension ideas Can Do Cubes offer in the teacher’s guide.  I am not always creative so it is nice to have some ideas to pick and choose from to help my daughter become a more confident speller.

My 9 year old daughter enjoys playing with the cubes to spell words on her own.  She is free to spell with them whenever she chooses which is a perk for her since she isn’t always fond of writing.

Can Do Cubes
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