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WriteShop Junior Homeschool Writing Curriculum Review

When I made plans for the current school year, I knew that I wanted to be more strategic and clear about our writing goals.  Since the beginning of our homeschool journey, I made sure the girls would write in their journals daily, and I made it a point to include a few structured writing assignments. This worked well for us, but this year I wanted to be more intentional with their writing assignments which is the reason I am grateful for the opportunity to review WriteShop Junior Book E.

The Cat of Bubastes REVIEW

I first heard of The Cat of Bubastes when I was planning a unit study about Egypt for the girls a few years ago.  We didn’t read the story back then, but after listening to it I was a little disappointed in myself for not taking the time to read it to them earlier.  This is a testament to just how well the story was produced and shared through this medium.

Spiritual Circle Journal- REVIEW

The journal pages are duplicated providing the user with a bit of comfort since the format is the same throughout.  There is a sample page which serves as a reminder on how to journal within the nine designated prayer areas since the blank pages do not have directions on them nor do the spaces specifically say what should be written within instead each space has the initial of the idea that should go within it.   For instance, L/V is the label for the musical note shaped space where lyric or verses are to be shared.  In this space, my daughters can write about a lyric or Bible verse that has caught their attention. 

Foreign Language for Kids by Kids- REVIEW

Foreign Language for Kids by Kids include lessons for all learning styles. There are stickers included to allow for children to move around and label items around the house in Spanish.  There are flashcards to help review the words that have been learned from the video.  The flashcards are actual images from the video so this helps to put the video into the child’s hand.  She is able to recall what the scene represented during the video. There are also several games included within each level.  Each level only has one video, but the information from the video is used over a course of 11 lessons for level one, 18 lessons for level two, and 20 lessons for level three. Each level has a certificate of completion to be given to the student.