Have you heard of notebooking? Before attending a home school conference last year, I didn’t know much about notebooking myself. It was something that we actually included in our home school, but I just didn’t know it had a name. Notebooking allows the learner to write about and show others what has been learned from the learner’s perspective versus answering prescribed questions or regurgitating text without taking the time to truly understand it. Although notebooking is a part of our learning environment, I must admit it isn’t something we do all of the time. This year we actually didn’t notebook as much as we have in previous years. I am hoping to change some of that this upcoming school year, and I am sure our Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership from will be a great resource to help us.
Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews is a library filled with a variety of notebooking pages which can be used for a many subjects and topics.  The printable sheets have are formatted to be used with all students in grades K through 12. 

What are Notebooking Pages?

Notebooking Pages are not worksheets.  The pages are blank but lined so that they can be filled with information about the particular topic.  Some pages have a few graphics with lines to allow the learner to freely write about the subject at hand.  Some pages include boxes for images about the subject to be pasted or drawn.  Some pages include headers like Happy Father’s Day. 

How are we using

We are using our Lifetime Membership to print notebooking pages for holidays such as Flag Day and Father’s Day.  We aren’t big on the holidays around here so we use the pages to help learn the history of the holidays celebrated in our country.  We are also using the character study pages.  Some of the character study pages have some guiding to phrases to help the learner hone in on the specific character trait.  The pages do not include character names, but instead are blank so that the writer can fill in the specific trait. 

What I like about Notebooking …

Notebooking is fitting in to the path we are now taking in our home education journey. I like that it is open ended to allow the girls to share their thoughts about particular subjects. Since we are moving from textbooks in some subjects, I appreciate how it seamlessly fits into any type of home educating method whether we use textbooks, unit studies, or curriculum I create. I like because there is a wide selection of pages to choose from, and many are neutral so we can use them for anything whether is biography studies of individuals who aren’t often studied or geography studies about different countries or states. The girls like the freedom of the pages too. They enjoying being able to create their own artwork and write out their own thoughts about the information they learned through library books or internet research.

Do you use notebooking in you home school?

Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews
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