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Supplements often bring an extra dose of excitement to our learning environment.  Super Teacher Worksheets is an online resource that offers a variety of worksheets and activities for children in preschool to middle school.  The Individual Membership allows users to access over 10,000 worksheets in PDF format in a wide range of subjects including mathematics, reading, logic, and science.  In the past, I  used Super Teacher Worksheets as a resource for students who I tutored, but now I am excited to use it as a regular supplement with my girls.

Super Teacher Worksheets provided us with a one year, free subscription.  As I perused the site, I found many activities that would bring a little something different to our learning space.  Since we began our subscription as we were heading into a new learning year,  I figured it was a great idea to start off with their "All About Me" pages.  We haven't done a first day school activity like this since maybe year two of our homeschooling adventure.  The girls were excited to share their goals and tidbits about themselves.  I am happy to be able to glance over at our bulletin board and see their work.  There are many back to school activities posted on the site including a few that use coordinates to create a picture. The girls had never done one of these activities before so I was thrilled to share this activity with them while we waited during a early afternoon doctor's appointment.

A section of the site that we use often is the "Puzzle & Brain Teasers".  The Number Detective game makes a daily appearance in our morning gathering basket.  This logic game offers a daily clue that refers to a mystery number.  On the last day of the week, the girls make their final guess.  Sometimes they get it right, and other times they realize that they shouldn't have changed the number on a day earlier in the week.

Here's an example of a few Number Detective clues:

Monday:  The secret number has three digits.  Two digits are even.

Tuesday: A picture clue showing an octopus for the digit in the tens place.

Wednesday: I found a nickel and four pennies on the ground.  I think it's a clue to the first digit.

There are also clues for Thursday and Friday.  After the guess for Friday has been made, I reveal their secret number.  There are several level of clues so the girls are not usually working on the same set.

Not only does Super Teacher Worksheets offer fun and enrichment type of activities, but they also offer core worksheets for mathematics, reading, and language arts.  These sheets can come in handy if you aren't using a curriculum and want to check understanding in any of these topics.  This year I did not purchase a mapping workbook.  We have been using Social Studies sheets from Super Teacher Worksheets to review previously learned material in geography.

Overall, I believe that Super Teacher Worksheets is treasure of learning resources that has enhanced numerous areas of our homeschool.  It allows me to easily and quickly print off a few sheets that fit a need.  There are a many worksheets for the upcoming seasons and holidays in their arsenal which keeps me from having to search all over the internet for something suitable.  I also like the fact there is a file cabinet where I can store worksheets that I would like to print in the future.  I have found myself sitting  and browsing on a tablet that isn't set up to print and saving worksheets that I would like to print.  In my everyday, I run across so many cool things that I don't always remember, but the file cabinet on this site really helped me in this area.

Super Teacher Worksheets Review
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