What is Joy in the Ordinary?

Welcome!  If you landed on this page then you are probably wondering what exactly is Joy in the Ordinary

Joy in the Ordinary focuses on all things homeschooling, faith, and encouragement for those who desire to seek contentment and joy in the now.

Oftentimes, we find our self searching for the highs of life to only become disappointed.  When you begin to seek joy in the common things of your life,  you truly are able to live a life of freedom and happiness.

On the site, you will find Latonya's reflections about homeschooling her daughters, snippets of her faith journey, and simple ways to be a better parent, more organized, and how to engage your own creative side (everyone has a dose of creativity in them because we all were designed by the master Creator).

How to Navigate the Site ...

As with all things in life, you have to decide what you need and what you do not.  If you are here for homeschooling only then you might not be interested in the book review posts.  Or you may decide you're more interested our family adventures more than anything else.  After you decide your needs, visit the pages by going to the menu at the top of this page. All pages can be found in the menu under the title.  You can also click the titles to the right for our four most popular categories. 



Catch a glimpse of Joy in the Ordinary with these popular posts ...

Popular posts on joy in the ordinary parenting, faith, homeschool, organization
  1.  Why We Continue to Homeschool shares the why behind our reasons to teach at home.
  2. About Motherhood ... is a candid look at my motherhood journey and what it means to be a mother to me.
  3. Six Tips for Incorporating Planning Into Your Life Today offers 6 amazing suggestions for creating a plan for your day.
  4. Hand Made Calendar for Kids is a easy tutorial for teaching kids to create a calendar which can be a beautiful gifts for family far away.
  5.  20 African-American Homeschool Blogs/ Vlogs was written for all those who have been searching for moms of color who homeschool.
  6.  Raising Grateful Kids in a Culture of Consumerism offers tips on teaching gratefulness to children.

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  1.  Check out the Instagram feed where I share snippets of our homeschool and family outings.
  2. Our Facebook page is a vibrant community of primarily home educating families or those who support homeschooling.  I also share live broadcasts primarily about homeschooling.
  3. Most Tuesday mornings,  I Periscope.  Each week there's a different topic depending on what's been placed on my heart.
  4. If you are on Twitter, connect with me.  It's easy to have a quick conversation on Twitter. 
  5. You can also find me on Google Plus and Pinterest.
  6.  I am also a regular contributor at Our Homeschool Forum and The Joy of Teaching.
  7.  Are you a brand interested in connecting? Visit the about page or email me at latonya@joyintheordinary.com.  :)

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