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Three Simple Ways to Embrace the Power of Flexibility

One thing I have learned about life is that it is fluid.  It continues to move even when I want it to just chill for a moment.  This constant motion oftentimes include changes and adaptations.  I haven't always been good with changes.  I wanted consistency which in turn made me rigid.  Rigidness is just as bad as a lack of consistency since it tends to hold you hostage.  Thankfully, I didn't remain rigid instead I am now flexible.  Flexibility is the happy place between between being scheduled and accepting unforeseen changes. 

Reflecting :: There's Not Enough Time

Lately, I have been struggling with time management. The number of things vying for my attention can be overwhelming.  From the dozens of ideas running through my mind daily to wanting to utilize every gift the Father has blessed me to possess, and I can't forget the responsibilities I have as a person, wife, and mother.