There's Power in Writing

My friend often reminds me that I encouraged her to begin journaling. She shares with me often the power of writing down her thoughts, fears, and dreams. When I made the suggestion to her, I really didn't know the impact it would have in her life. It really just seemed like a good method during that particular season in her life.

There's Power in Writing

I knew about the power of writing because it is something that I do often. I don't always write in a journal though. Honestly, I rarely write in the same space unless I am writing out the Psalms. I have scraps of paper everywhere with prayers, thoughts, dreams, and frustrations. I learned that when I write things down, I am able to see the issue or goal a bit clearer. I am freer once I get all that is cluttering my brain out. I also am more likely to move in the right direction instead of getting tossed this way and that way.

Walk By Faith - Christian Journal

For the first time in a long time, I started the year off by writing a list things I wanted to do. I had no idea how I would do them, and the list seemed kind of lofty since I had no idea about the way I would accomplish the goals and desires on it. After I wrote the list, I also wrote down truths about myself and the way I really wanted to spend my time. I am now at a place in my life where I am less afraid of my gifts. I am owning my responsibility as a homeschooling mom, my love for teaching, and the strong urge to share my stories. I used to be terrified of all of those things. 

The note I wrote to myself in my planner reads, "1. I will embrace who I am. 2. Follow my path 3. Keep my eyes on Him 4. Don't be afraid of my goals." I followed it up with, "I will listen to my rhythms. I will not be distracted by myself or other people's suggestions. I will take in only what I need." This note has grounded me. I can't lie and say that I haven't been distracted, but this simple message that I wrote myself often helps me reset. That's part of the power of writing. It cans serve as a reminder of your deepest desires and thoughts. The ones that get brushed away when the world is screaming for attention or great idea pops into your mind, and it has nothing to do with the path you are supposed to be following.

One thing I learned about writing a list of goals and plans is that I like being able to see them come to life even when I am not actually chasing after the goals and plans. I can say that I have been able to accomplish nearly everything on the list without driving myself crazy simply by being true to myself. Simply by saying no to what doesn't fit my life and embracing what does. Yes, embracing. I guess I forgot embrace was my word for the year, and it might follow me into next year. I embrace my role at home, and it is showing up in my family. I embrace my heart for teaching, and it is showing up in classes on Outschool. I embrace my heart for sharing, and I am less worried about the stresses of blogging instead I just share for the joy of it. 

Hope and Future - Christian Journal

So what are some of the things I wrote down for this year:

  1. earning an income
  2. traveling with my family
  3. attending 2:1 conference
  4. paying for car repairs 

So far, we have been able to do those things. It has been surely been a blessing and amazing to see the way some of the things on my list came about from relationships I didn't realize I was building to finding consistent work while staying home with my children.

Writing it down has been one of my greatest gifts this year; because I know the power, I will continue to write.

Do you write down your goals, hopes, fears, etc.? Have you noticed the same power?

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