Making Time for YOUR Passions

Do you have several things that you are passionate about, but only a limited amount of time to invest in those things?  That's me.

Teaching, creating, and sharing often light a spark in me.  You can hear the excitement in my voice whenever I begin to discuss education whether it's about homeschooling or teaching in general.  I am equally thrilled when I have a new project to work on whether it's teaching online classes or designing  reading comprehension guides

But as a homeschooling mom, I really have only so much time I can dedicate to my passions.  In 2013,  I decided homeschooling came first.  I had to make a conscious choice to place it at the top of my priority list.  This means a great chunk of my day goes to making sure I focus on the girls' education which also means there is less margin for me to go off on a tangent which forces me to me more intentional with my time.

Two planners and the Embrace Your Life calendar

Pursuing my passions doesn't end because I am a homeschooling mom, and pursuing yours shouldn't end either. I've found that being intentional gives me room to do the things that bring me great joy like writing, designing, and creating.

Using a Planner to Make Time for Your Passions

Did you know that having a physical planner can really be a lifesaver?  This year I got a planner specifically for penciling in my projects.  This is the first time I will be using more than one planner to help me stay on task.  Although I have a standard notebook size planner that I use for day to day living, I know that having a planner specific to my crafts will help not to forget the things that I enjoy. My mini-planner that I received from DaySpring (aff) houses all of my ideas including projects and things I want to do with my crafts. 

Using a planner is one way that will help you to be intentional about pursuing your passions.

Three Ways to Make Time for Your Passions

tip for pursuing your passions as a mom

  1. Consider getting a planner for your passions.  By writing down the things you enjoy, you will have a visual reminder. This moves your thoughts from simply being ideas to something more tangible.  For instance, I love coloring and I have plenty of coloring books to prove it. But only thinking about the act of coloring isn't doing it.  When I write it down,  I am more likely to remember to take a moment to sit down with one of my coloring books.
  2. Block out a realistic part of your day or week for the things you enjoy.  I have recently gone back to a way that works best for me which is actually getting out of bed by 5 am each morning.  I have always rose early, but I quit getting up and starting just lingering around.  Now I use this early morning to do things I enjoy like write or create.  I also block off some time in the afternoon for coloring and reading.  By making a choice to dedicate time to your passions, you will more likely take the time pursue them.  It is hard to pursue something when you can't figure out when to fit it in.
  3. Share your passions with your family.  My family knows that I enjoy writing and participating in craft shows. Since they know these things about me, they encourage me to pursue them.  I don't have to feel like there is competition between my family and my crafts.  Also by sharing and pursuing your own passions, this can also encourage your children and spouse to pursue their own passions which gives everyone a way to support one another. 
My "idea" planner

My "idea" planner

Need a planner? Check out these DaySpring Planners. [aff]

Our gifts aren't supposed to sit idly. With each season of life how much they are used shifts, but by making time for them whether it is two hours or 30 minutes keeps them nurtured no matter which season you are currently living in.

Making TimeforYOURPassions while (1).png

Are you making time to pursue your passions?  If you aren't, can you start today?