Five Minute Friday: Connect

It's been too long since I last participated in Five Minute Friday.  Here's to the first one of 2017. 

Five Minute Friday Connect

I used to be afraid of connecting with others.  I had a wall so thick that I didn't even know myself.  I feared that by allowing others in I would ultimately be setting myself up for pain and disappointment.  I thought that anything I shared whether deep or shallow would be used as a weapon against me.  Connecting was hard.  Disconnecting was even harder.

As I began connecting more to the Father, I could see more clearly who I am.  I love people.  I love sharing.  I love engaging.  I love hearing other folks' stories.  This is who I am.  Now, I connect with others regardless of the way our relationship may fall.  I understand that some will be lifelong friends while others will be here just long enough for a lesson to be shared or learned.

Connecting is hard, but being disconnected is harder. 

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