Making Intentional Connections

I received the Craving Connections Kit and book from Dayspring at no cost. This post contain affiliate links.

In my younger years making connections was really hard for me.  I had a yearning for community.  This desire for community was apparent within my family, my friendships, and even those I had the opportunity to work with, but it seemed like I was came up short.  I questioned myself often about whether I was giving off some strange vibe or if I wasn't fully open enough.  Making connections was hard, and honestly after awhile I gave up.  I was still cordial to people, but trying to have deeper relationships seemed to be difficult.

Craving Connection book and devotional journal

Craving Connection book and devotional journal

Not long ago,  the urge to make connections rekindled.  It was revived with full power. 

During this rekindling period, I learned a few things about making intentional connections.

Craving connection kit from Illustrated faith

  1. Be honest.  Honesty is the key to any relationship.  Oftentimes, I spared honesty because I was afraid to hurt other's feelings or to get my feelings hurt.  I developed my honesty-bone by beginning with my own family.  If you can be honest and real with your family, then chances are you can be honest with those who don't know you.  At least that was the case for me because my family can be tough at times.
  2. Be vulnerable.  Perfection kills so many relationships.  Letting my guard down has been freeing. I no longer fear that others will judge my imperfections.  This also allows those who want to get to know me to have a true impression of who I am.  They aren't befriending who they think I am, but instead they know that I make mistakes, and I am not always feel to the brim with glee.  I am human. 
  3. Reach out. Connecting with others can be hard and uncomfortable.  There's the risk of rejection whether on purpose or not, but new and old friends are not always going to do the reaching so you have to be willing to reach out.  If no one reaches, then connections cannot be made.  I have friendships with those who reached for me and friendships with those I reached for.  If you want to make connections you have to do some reaching at some point or the other.

Are you craving connection?  I know I am in certain areas of my life, particularly in homeschooling.  I've taken a chance in used all three steps to help form a community of homeschoolers in my local area so far the response has been good, and I can't wait to see what our community will become.

Need a boost in making connections?  Consider the new book from (in)courage, Craving Connections.  It offers 30 practical, real life challenges to help you build community with yourself, your Creator, and your community.  The (in)courage and Illustrated Faith communities also combined forces to offer a new kit built around Craving Connections.  The kit includes: the Craving Connection journal with 14 prompts, a set of stamps,  2 sticker sheets, decorative washi tape, 3 bookmarks, a magnetic bookmark, and a clear pouch to hold it all .

Let this be the year that we all fortify our current connections and be willing to make new ones.