Five Minute Friday:  Refine

Five Minute Friday: Refine

Five Minute Friday happens almost every Friday at  She shares a word, and we write for five minutes flat.  No edits.  No overthinking.  Just writing.

From a quick web search,  I found the definition for refine.  It read "to improve (something) by making small changes". 

Five Minute Friday:  Refine

Five Minute Friday:  Refine

I find it odd that this word found me this morning because last night was rough.  I went to bed praying, and I woke praying that my mind and heart will be changed for the better as I continue on this motherhood journey.  I tend to not say that motherhood is hard, but when we all need a bit of refining ... it can be tough.  Those small changes can be difficult especially when your natural eyes don't see the issues as issues or the emotions that reside within begin to make you feel as if you are worse than what you really are.  It's even harder when you are charged to help those left in your care with some of those changes.

How do I tell my daughter that she needs to stop doing something that she honestly picked up from her parents without making those changes myself?  Luckily, I know that being refined isn't something that we have to do on our own.  I know that the One who created us, the Most High God, is with us every step of the way as we walk through the hard parts of life.  The parts of life that have us peeling away layers that we have no clue about how they even appeared.

Change is often hard.  It doesn't matter if it's a minute change or not.  Old habits love to hang around simply for the sake of hanging around.  Ioften wonder will we walk through this issue again or will the change stick.  Thankfully, I am called to remember on this day that being refined isn't the big, drastic change, but instead, it is the small improvements that over time will make a huge impact. 

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