The Cell Phone and the Entrepreneur

The Cell Phone and the Entrepreneur

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Before becoming a more than part-time entrepreneur, I had little use for my cell phone outside of talking on it.  Since I now own a jewelry design business, blog and am a freelance writer, I have found my needs for having a cell phone has changed.  It has become my digital recorder, my camera, and at times my word processor.  If someone would have told me this would be the case a few years ago, I surely wouldn’t have believed them.

Three Tips for Finding the Right Cell Phone as an Entrepreneur

Think about your business needs

Since I use my phone to take all of the photographs for Alexandria’s Authentically Made Jewelry, one of my primary concerns was purchasing phone that took clear and nice photos.  I didn’t focus on anything else outside of having a good camera.  I didn’t anticipate the apps I would use to conduct business.  This became a hindrance once I realized that I would be using apps such as Instagram and Periscope, and my main phone was not compatible.  I had to get a new phone for my business needs.

Consider which operating system is more your speed

I personally prefer my Windows phone because it has access to my One Drive and One Note.  I am not sure if these apps are available on the other operating systems. Since I was not previously a smartphone user, I found the Windows phone was easiest for me to operate, but by choosing a Windows phone I limited my access to the apps that I would use quite frequently.  Therefore, I now have two phones, an Android and the Windows Phone.

Consider your budget

Running a small business can get costly. Running more than one small business can become quite overwhelming if you do not stay in tune with your budget. Groupon Goods offers discounted phones from the major brands which can allow you to get the phone you need for a fraction of the cost. These phones are unlocked which allows you to use them with your current carrier without becoming locked into a contract because you are bringing your own phone. One thing I have decided to do to keep my outgoing fees minimal is to continue using the phone I have until I am able to purchase a new phone out of pocket so that I have more freedom in choosing the carrier which best fits my needs.

How does your cell phone fit into your business?  Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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