Five Minute Friday:  Middle

Five Minute Friday: Middle

I struggle with being in the middle. 

five minute Friday middle

I am either all in or I am not.  I am either your friend or I am not.

I am either listening or I am not.  I am either here or I am not.

Being in the middle isn't a place where I can find peace.  It's a place that often causes me confusion or frustration.

I don't believe we are called to live in the middle of the road.  I often find myself being reminded of James' words " Let your yes be your yes and your no be your no." When I live with this phrase as my guide.  There doesn't leave much room for being in the middle.  

I guess being in the middle can be a safe place since it provides leniency.  It gives you time to waver this way and that.  It gives you time to get your footing just right.  But, I'm not comfortable being in the middle.  I have to own whatever it is I am doing even when others may not get it.  Even when it seems harsh or cold.  Even when it seems naïve.  Even when ...

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