Hand Made Calendar for Kids

Recently, the girls created calendars as gifts.  Instead of going our normal route of purchasing a photo calendar, I thought this would be a fun and quick project for them to complete.  This allowed them to be more hands on since they were able complete every step versus me creating a calendar using technology.  I am very pleased with the way the calendars turned out, and I am sure the recipients love them too!


How to Make a Hand Made Photo Calendar

1. The base of the calendar is a blank journal notebook. We used a few notebooks we had on hand, but I like these spiral journals for our next project. Hole punch the right side of every page in the book about an inch or two from the edge of the page.
2. Decorate the cover of the blank journal with Crayola Glitter Markers or paint. The girls used tempera paint to decorate the cover of their calendars.

3.  While the girls were decorating the covers of the calendar, I printed out pictures for them to add to them.  You can't have a photo calendar without photos. :)    Since the calendar was for thelast six months of the year, I made sure to print 7-8 pictures for each calendar.  Each page only has one picture since the journals we used were only eight by eight.

4.  Print monthly calendar pages for each month you are including in the calendar.  I printed pages for June to December 2016 from Vertex42.com on colorful card stock.  This is one of my favorite sites to print calendars.  

5. Make sure the calendar is right side up meaning check to see if the calendar opens in the direction desired, and begin adhering pictures to the top pages using glue. Adhere the calendar pages for the appropriate month on the bottom page using double sided tape.
7. Decorate, Decorate, Decorate! Decorated around the photos and calendars using markers , colored pencils , crayons and stickers. This all about creative freedom. So have fun!

This simple craft will provide a fun time for creating a meaningful gift or it could be used to teach the little ones how to keep track of time.

How will you use your Do It Yourself calendar with your children?