Building Healthy Relationships in YOUR Family

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building a healthy relationship with your child

I love my family!  But if I am totally honest, loving my family isn’t always easy.  Love is an action word which means when I am bestowing love upon the three folks the Father has blessed me with I am usually doing some work.  I am cleaning up messes, teaching them new things, hanging out with them, choosing the right words to say, listening to the stories they have to share, and so much more.  Loving isn’t as easy as we make it out to be!  This is especially true when you are an introvert who needs a good amount of time with self to reflect and at least eight or more hours of sleep to keep from being cranky.   These are my quirks and I accept them. 

All in all it’s good, and I will reiterate the main point and fact is I love my family.  When I realized that love was indeed an action and not simply something to say, it changed our family.  It changed us because once I learn something new, I share it.  So the girls now know firsthand that loving one another often means putting aside their own desires at times for the sake of their sister, mother, or father.  Just as we often have to put our desires aside as parents and spouses for the sake of the children or our spouse.   We are a team and working to build healthy family relationships is a gift which keeps on giving to us.

How do you build healthy relationships within a family?

Laugh Together

We find humor in many of our interactions.  There is not a day that passes by that we haven't laughed with one another, and I might add that the laughter we share is organic in nature.  We laugh about be doing a slow fall off a swing (I wasn't injured) or the girls using their many voices to animate their toys and my husband's take on decorating a gingerbread house.  By laughing together often, we are able to open doors to more in depth conversations.


We stay in constant communication with each other even though three out of four of us are introverts.  Communicating for us within our family is a safe place whereas we may be a little bit timid to share with people outside of our family.  We know without a doubt that there is someone in our home who we can talk to, and this goes both ways from parent to child and from child to parent.  Communicating also helps us to better understand each other.  There are times when one of the girls has a hard time sharing her thoughts because the words do not always form just right, and since we know this we as her family help her to build confidence in the weak areas.

Be a cheerleader

We cheer each other on no matter how big or small the task.  When we cheer each other on, it reminds us that we are a team.  It reminds us that we CHOOSE to be a team.  We, as parents, do not force the girls to support one another, but we do show them how to support one another by supporting each other.  I am my husband's number one cheerleader just like he is mine.  Our daughters also cheer us on because we share our desires, dreams, and goals with them.   Even though we model this behavior,  I believe that they would cheer each other on even if we hadn’t.  They really are each other's biggest fan!

The girls sporting their " My Mom Rocks" and "My Dad Rocks" shirts.

The girls sporting their " My Mom Rocks" and "My Dad Rocks" shirts.

Be an example 

I have been wearing Union28 shirts since 2010.  My first shirt was red with I Love My Husband written in script in a darker shade of red.  I was so happy about purchasing that shirt.  I wore it ALL.THE.TIME.   I added a purple one shortly after with the words My Husband Rocks.  I remember having on the purple shirt when someone asked why I chose to wear such a shirt because it wasn’t something she was willing to do.  I wear that shirt and the others I have since added to the collection because it sets an example for those in my family and those who see me out in public.  On some days when I am frustrated with my spouse, I wear My Husband Takes Good Care of Me shirt.  It often sparks a conversation, and during that time I am reminded that even though I am frustrated it doesn’t change who my husband is at the core.  My daughters wear their many shirts too.  It isn’t because we force them to, but instead because they really believe two young, unsure about parenting, still learning day by day people ROCK.  They choose to affirm us with words.  They choose to affirm one another with words.  They choose to support each other, and maybe just maybe it’s because we are good examples to them.

Our Marriage Still Rocks!

Our Marriage Still Rocks!

How are you building relationships in your family?  Please share in the comments; I am certain your tips will please another.

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