Capture the Summer: Be Creative

There's something about summer that makes me happy.  If I take I a wild guess, I would be bet the sun is that something. After all it is a source of energy, and the energy it is giving often encourages me to get up and move.

This summer we will definitely be moving.  This post is the official kick-off to our Capture the Summer series here on Joy in the Ordinary.  Over the course of summer, I will be encouraging you to take advantage of all the sunlight and the energy it is giving off.  This we will be a summer where we will be doing some cool things with our kids, and I am excited to share weekly challenges along with a few giveaways.

I don't want this summer to pass with me wishing I would've, could've, should've done more things with my girls so without further ado, let's jump into our first Capture the Summer challenge. Oh, you can follow along on our summer adventures and share yours with us on Instagram using #OrdinarySummer16.

Capture the Summer: Be Creative

Hey, you should have known getting creative and crafting would be on the list.  It is a favorite around here and a favorite of many other kiddos I know.   Creating, making, doing is a great a way to connect with children.  There are is no right or wrong way.  It encourages independence.  It teaches collaboration.

I painted this. :)  Even though I am not in the pictures I was a part of the fun!

I painted this. :)  Even though I am not in the pictures I was a part of the fun!

This summer take the time to create together.  Here are three fun ways to start off your summer with creativity.

Make something new out of something old

Upcycling is a big a thing nowadays.  Do you have some empty containers from the meals you have cooked?  Take them and make something beautifu.  A few weeks ago we upcycled a Chick-Fil-A salad container to use for travel purposes.  It was a fun project, and we had fun doing it.  Check out this Pinterest board for more upcycling ideas.

Make a family collage

Have you made your summer bucket list yet?  Whether you have or haven't consider creating a collage of all the things you want to do with your children this summer.  Who doesn't love ripping out pages of magazines?  I know I have a daughter who still gets a kick from tearing up pieces of paper.  You could also consider taking photos throughout the summer and creating a collage using pictures of your family.  This could definitely be a work of art showcasing all the fun you had in the summer of 2016.

Let the sidewalk be the canvas

Create outside!  Sidewalk paint and chalk never gets old.  It is summer, and we do want to make sure we are taking advantage of the sunshine so why not get outside to create.   We have been spending quite a few days each week outside creating masterpieces.  The best thing about it is if it rains we get a new canvas for each new masterpiece we create.  Don't forget to photograph these outdoor works of art!

In honor of creating, this week's giveaway is brought to you by Rose Art.  Rose Art supplied us with an outdoor art pack which included the Spray Painter with Stencils, many canisters of Sidewalk Paint in a variety of colors, Sidewalk Paint Markers, Glitter Roller with Paint that we used to make all of our sidewalk creations.  Check out this video to see the sidewalk paint in action.

Here's your chance to win your own outdoor art prize pack.

To enter the giveaway: 

  • Leave a comment sharing a one way you will create with your child(ren) this summer..
  • Make sure to sign in with an email address and follow the comments so you will know if you have won. :)

This giveaway is open to U. S. residents ages 18 and above. No purchase is necessary to enter this giveaway.

The winner will be selected at random.  Those who have left a comment by 6/14/16 by 11:59 pm CST will be placed in the drawing.  The winner will be announced on 6/16/16. The winner must respond by 6/18/16 or the giveaway items will be forfeited, and another winner will be selected by random drawing.

Good luck!

The winner is Nina.  Thanks to all for entering.

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